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Never looked upon a state school girl with more serious and proven qualities in public life than Arfiana than before. An articulate and commanding young leader in opinion, even in groups of people 5-10 older than her. And when it comes to creating opportunities for change, she would show her class in negotiation, and finding common ground in an inclusive way.

Khalil Makarim

I and Arfiana work together in the same non-profit organization. She is really creative, supportive, and always show dedication of her work. Arfiana is also an amazing leader.

Siti Iqlima Istiqomah

We work in the same organization. She's very inspiring. At a young age, she already has many achievements. Just keep going Arfiana. Salute for you dear.

Yesica Agustina Susanti

Senang sekali bisa tergabung dalam Jakarta Thirst Project sebagai bagian dari divisi “communication”, karena Arfiana sebagai Leader sudah melakukan yang terbaik dan memberikan pengalaman baru serta dapat dijadikan motivasi agar selalu bermanfaat bagi orang lain 🙌

Agung Ramanto