Passionate PR, Marketer, Website Creator

ENTP who likes to try everything and share my hard to success story in teenager moments

About Me

I am Arfiana,
more than 10 years living with Digital with 5 years in Content Creation


Achievements Winner The Best Design in GG Ramadan Digital Campaign 2020, Winner The Best Program in Digital Campaign GG Ramadan 2020, 2nd Best Team High School Indonesian Debate Competition, Delegate and Cultural Performer in Asia Youth International Model United Nations 2020, 5th Rank in East Jakarta Student Research Competition (OPSI) 2019, Runner Up Coolant Cool School Vlog Competition, Finalist History Week National Essay Competition BKMS UGM, Winner in Indonesia Debate Competition ALKAFEST 2018, 6th Best Team East Jakarta Indonesia Debate Competition (LDBI) 2018



It started from volunteering 

I was in some event as photographer, then help them designing feeds, and now I am a website creator, motivator who successfully build my NGO, and a learner in Digital Marketing. Currently I am serving as PR in many organization as well. 

Arfiana is the founder of the 1st Environmental Education Course Platform in Indonesia through Memetik, part of Thirst Project Indonesia. At the youngest age, she already represented Indonesia in Harvard Conference, Senior Membership Officer in Global Waste Cleaning Network through United Nations Volunteer, and Head of Marketing ASEAN Youth Advocate Network. She likes to share her knowledge through multinational events and a scholarship awardee. 

Thirst Project Indonesia & Memetik

Beginning with a dream of a teenager named Arfiana Maulina who wants to own a foundation, she started to build a social media account and does not know it will be a huge organization. It starts with doing without any planning. It has been 1 year since Thirst Project Indonesia started, and now it reaches 64 partners, 20 countries of participation, 20.000 audiences, and implements a campaign of Lerak to change from Industrial detergent to Traditional eco-friendly detergent. Now, in the beginning of 2021, she invented the 1st Environmental Education Course in Indonesia that is still in process. 

Featured as Speaker in many News

Part of Sahabat Korea 2021-Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Indonesia

My Initiatives

Work Experience

Virtual Internship





SMAN 36 Jakarta

Located in the city of Jakarta, I completed 3 years of High School Diploma

Waiting for University

Hope to get better education, in waiting to attend university this year

National Cheng Kung University

I attend Virtual Summer School at the top university in Taiwan

Samara State University

I attend Virtual Winter School from Russia learn about Sustainability Business

The moments!



Arfiana has an unwavering commitment to all of her tasks and touts an unconditional devotion to mental health awareness. I could not be more elated to work alongside her. Plainly put, she is a go-getter with her wits very much about her.

Emily Kavic

Never had I ever met a schoolgirl who having proven qualities in public service while it usually done by people who far older than her. I knew Arfiana since a year ago, when she was a graphic designer. I witnessed great progress of Thirst Project Indonesia which was initiated by her, and then I met her again in ComfortMUN series, AASYP Reset, partnering in Int'l SDG Summit, and the last, HPAIR Harvard Conference. Her leadership style inspire my leadership journey in both nat'l and int'l organisations so far. I highly recommend her in many endeavours!

Hendri Surya Wicaksana

Arfiana is one of the good people I enjoyed worked with. Her knowledge of business, especially for young people, is very broad and easy to apply. I highly recommend her for everyone who want a partner in digital business!

Daniel Sastraamidjaya

Never had I ever met a person who's so dedicated in her work and is drowning herself as agent of change by contributing a lot in not only environmental cause but the world cause. Her leadership style never fails to impress me. Working with her taught me alot and I believe she's the person you're looking for in workspace 🙂

Pearling Lim